Coping & Deck Options

No matter which shape or installation you choose, you have the option to deck out your pool!

Coping & Deck Options

Coping Options

Universal Track Coping For ECOTHERM™ Insulated Pools
2 Inch Universal Track
4 Inch Universal Track
Progressive Coping Optional for ECOTHERM™ Insulated Pools
Progressive Coping

For onground or semi-inground installations, the ECOTHERM™ Pool comes standard with our Universal Interior Finish Trac System (patent pending) that holds your interior finish in place. Your pool also comes with your choice of 2” or 4” coping. This includes a double track to accommodate a winter cover as well. This option gives you the design flexibility for a wood, paver or cantilever deck. We also offer our Progressive Coping for Semi-inground Installations, allowing for a concrete deck.

Wood Decks and Stone Decks for Insulated Pools
Insulate Pool Deck Options

Deck & Stone Work

No matter which shape or installation you choose, you have the option to deck out your pool! For an inground pool, a nice 5/4 wooden deck for lounging is a good place to start. If you choose a semi-inground install on level ground, why not go for something more elaborate and consider one of the many stone and concrete options? Whichever you choose, your family and friends will love it!

Ecotherm™ Pool Options

Installatin Options

Installation Options

You can't beat the ECOTHERM™ when it comes to installation options!

Ecotherm Liner Patterns

Pool Shapes & Sizes

Choose from oval, round, or kidney... onground, semi-inground, or inground... 
whatever best fits your yard and your life!

Ecotherm Insulated Pool Energy Efficient Pool Technology

Energy Efficient Pools

Save on pool heating costs, extends your pool season up to 2 whole months and maintains pool water temperature up to 10º F warmer!